Angie A’s ‘Essex Girl (Professional)’

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London based rhythm and blues artist, Angie A, has recorded her fun and upbeat, reality television inspired, jump-jive track, ‘Essex Girl (Professional)’.

Angie’s latest track has a strong rhythm and blues feel to it, taking a sample from ‘Caldonia’ by Fleecy Moore. In addition, the inspiration for the song comes partly from the hit TV show, The Only Way Is Essex and its star, Gemma Collins, but also from the Dagenham girls of the 1960s who fought for women’s fair pay.

However, this is not Angie’s first foray into the world of music. She has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent where she received compliments on her voice from judges, Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan.

On the back of her latest single, Angie is also supporting the #IamanEssexGirl campaign to have the new dictionary definition removed due to it causing offence.

Also a singing teacher in her spare time, Angie’s pin-point vocals have a classic, rich tone similar to the likes of Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Band and Nina Simone.

You can find out more on Angie A here:




Cherry White with stylish single ‘Drifter’ and New EP following the week after!


Currently building a buzz with their live shows in and around London, Cherry White have now taken to the studio to record a brand new EP, ‘Staring at the Sun’. Inspired by life in London during this austerity era, surrounded by the greed of the wealthy, the tracks circle around an aspiration to reach higher and achieve their goals in the music industry and beyond.

The EP is led out of the gate by single ‘Drifter’, which will be released on June 1st, one week prior to the full EP: /em

‘Drifter’ to be released 1st June, followed by EP on 8th June

Engineered at Bark Studios by the excellent Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, The Firm, My Bloody Valentine), the EP does a fantastic job of capturing the frenetic energy of a band who thrive on a live environment.

Folding the old school songwriting smarts of Fleetwood Mac into the contemporary edge of the Raconteurs, London based four piece Cherry White are an immediately impressive proposition. Their in your face indie-blues sound is highlighted by great hooks and high energy, blending genres in a way that sets them apart from more pigeonholed bands.

And with the single and EP on the way, Cherry White will be working harder than ever to make sure that reputation continues to grow into the music career they deserve.


Kinky Dove rock out with new self-titled EP

3 track release set to be unleashed on June 15th

Born in in Australia but now living in London, Kindy Dove is the musical moniker of frontman Scott Wade and his evolving collective of musicians. Progenitors of gritty, driving rock, the group are readying themselves for a fresh assault on the music industry with a brand new three track EP.

Their particular brand of rock and roll, defined in many ways by the bluesy, post-rock growl of Wade on vocals, is currently in short supply both nationally and globally, and Kinky Dove are now looking to redress that balance.


Produced by Chris Kimsey, previously of Olympic Studios, the EP marks Kinky Dove out as one of the earthiest rock bands on the scene. Fans of Scott Wade and Kinky Dove before they began working together, the producer understood the style and heights at which the music was aiming, and helped mould that vision into the musical reality that Kinky Dove has become.

The CD was mixed by Wade. Studio legend Phill Brown loved the sound of the CD, commenting that the mixes were “open and alive.”

The resulting EP is a continuation of form from previous album ‘Kinky Dove vol. 1’, and the latest step in Kinky Dove’s  climb.

For a taste of their punchy style, check out the video to EP track ‘Some Kind of Fool’, featuring an epic slap-happy montage of Hollywood moments.

The EP also features a remix/cover version of classic 1978 track ‘Another Girl Another Planet’ by The Only Ones – in this case titled simply ‘Another Girl’.

There is also a trance remix of ‘It’s Called Heartache’ on the EP. You can find the video for this at

The EP is online at