Nej!Las – “Wash Out”

With our ears constantly to the ground (and consequently, always with neck ache) we felt obliged to check out this track from Detroit-based Nej!Las, which is doing crazy numbers on soundcloud.

Ordinarily, we’d pass over something as generally faceless and personality-free as techno, but that label does it no favours and, frankly, misleads an audience that would more than likely, really enjoy it.

Yes, the sounds come courtesy of a machine but the depth and texture of the atmosphere created are more in keeping with the scores of modern cinema – dark; edgy; suggestive, yet without giving you a simple narrative to follow. This is music for people who invest at least SOME input into the listening experience themselves – who allow themselves to be swept away and to formulate their own images to fit the music. Have a listen, you might surprise yourself.

Julia Mascetti plays harp like you’ve never heard

Julia Mascetti has something really special, a encapsulating voice that makes you’re hanging on every word mixed with soft strings and her incredible harp playing. Her new EP ‘In Distance, Everything is Poetry’ is a delight.

Her new single In Bloom (which is set for video release on 27th Octorber) is a fantastically beautiful peace of stripped back wonder. Like you’re floating through a dream carried by her voice.

Julia’s EP ‘In Distance, Everything is Poetry’ is released on the 10th November. Watch a few of her videos below to build up your excitement!

Modiwo’s Guide to Happifying Your Brain

Has there been a feel-good song in recent times that has actually made you feel good? As in, actually uplift you rather than qualifying solely through not driving you to the brink? Enter Modiwo, a many-armed collective fronted by the hugely endearing Oxana Gherghel, who has a voice to turn your blood to squidgy jelly. Their single, Never Give Up, is the sound of summer, if summer hadn’t been a lousy write-off weather-wise; it’s music to kick off your shoes and gently prod your blisters to; it’s music that is unashamedly pop, in every good sense.

Featuring an equally lovely video, it’s already attracting attention from both print press and radio. Say you liked them first and impress all your friends.

Jodie H. Dunn: ‘I Belong In Hell’

Young singer-songwriter Jodie H. Dunn has transformed her emotional ballad ‘I Belong In Hell’ into a professionally produced piece of music with the help of Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios. Jodie had previously been signed to an unknown label who gave her nothing but trouble and this disheartened her passion for songwriting.

Unfortunately, Jodie was also subject to bullying whilst she was at school but on the bright side, this is arguably what spurred her to return to music and songwriting. Consequently, Jodie writes with a maturity and level of emotion that you simply wouldn’t expect from a musician of her age.

After studying at the Academy of Music and Sound, music became Jodie’s diary whereby she expressed her emotions via her lyrics. Her songs have progressively got more meaningful, leading to ‘I Belong In Hell’ based on the idea of someone controlling you at your lowest point.

‘I Belong In Hell’ was written and performed by Jodie H Dunn and produced by Andy Whitmore, who has worked with major names such as Elton John, Peter Andre and Danni Minogue.


‘Three Faces Of You’ by Corinna Jane

The supremely talented singer-songwriter, Corinna Jane, has a wealth of musical experience at her disposal which she has put to good use in her new single ‘Three Faces Of You’.

Her latest track is a masterful piece of pop-rock with Corinna’s intelligent and witty lyrics at the heart of the song. The addition of the violin provides a quirky nuance that isn’t often heard in this kind of music, whilst the guitar drives the track with full throttle once the chorus kicks in.

‘Three Faces Of You’ follows the fascinating story of Corinna’s relationship with someone who lived in their own fantasy world with various personalities residing in him. The feisty song is mirrored in Corinna and her band’s performance, which holds a  strong resemblance to the powerhouses of Fleetwood Mac and No Doubt.

Having supported Leddra Chapman and been a guest vocalist/co-writer with German DJ Mark-Oh, it’s clear Corinna is ready to take the music industry by storm with her distinctive style and loveable personality.


Track Review: Ashley’s Iona’s ‘Thunder Come’


Aussie singer-songwriter, Ashley Iona, has a meaningful purpose to her music: to inspire and make people feel grounded in their own skin. This notion becomes clear when you listen to the honest, humbling lyrics on ‘Thunder Come’.

The classically trained singer has a wealth of experience in song writing, but ‘Thunder Come’ goes back to basics as an evocatively ambient track that employs all the best features of simplistic composition for a pure and natural feel.

Iona’s writing of the song coincided with three days of rare thunderstorms in LA that provided the inspiration for ‘Thunder Come’. From listening to the song, you can see just how much something as trivial as a thunder storm can influence the creation of a piece of art.

The rising tension of the verse builds up to the stunning crescendo of the chorus where the wild drum beat comes in, reflecting the downpour on both a physical and metaphorical level: ‘Pour down, let me taste the rain, every drop take every care away’.

The track evokes feelings of wanting to start over, begin again and wash over what has come before. Also, the contrast of the stripped-back, calming first verse with the racing, chaotic chorus is not dissimilar from a number of Florence and the Machine tracks, Florence being someone Ashley states as one of her primary influences.

This is all without mentioning Ashley’s vocals, that echo gloriously over the rest of the track and prove that she is remastering a sound that has seemingly been forgotten about in the last few years of popular music.

And if this is not enough for you to go explore some more of Ashley’s music, she has been working in the same LA studio as the likes of Sia and Christina Perri, and her music has earned her an invitation only spot at BMI headquarters for their songwriter’s round.

For more on Ashley Iona, check out her sites:



Robyn Regan to Reign with pop single – ‘OH I’

You can hear the track here:

Robyn’s previous releases have gained high praise from radio stations and critics alike, plus plaudits from an even higher source, with tracks already making the top 10 in the iTunes’ songwriter chart!