Lawrence Preston Gets Back To Top Form With New Track ‘Something For You’


Lawrence Preston’s brand new single is set for greatness, with his emotional and deep delivery in ‘Something For You’.

With a healthy music career, and a talent for conveying emotion through his lyrics and music, Lawrence has graced us with his most recent creation. He has a real burning passion for R&B, and the soul that his music carries. Lawrence has set his sights on proving that soul still exists.

His musicianship shines through this peace, with smooth and soothing basslines, mixed with a polite and sweet voice Lawrence uses to deliver such positive lines. This new brand of ‘Eclectic Soul’ certainly fits with his unique take on what it means to really love someone. With beautiful harmonies and counter melodies through the chorus, this tune will definitely get stuck in your head!

Watch the video to “Something for You” here:





I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say – “I’m Leaving”- M’GOO

Although, ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say – “I’m Leaving”‘ is a pretty sad song, M’GOO’s beautiful jazz infused pop converts such a sorry subject into a beautiful piece of music craftsmanship.

The story of a woman suddenly abandoning her lover shortly before they are supposed to be married formed the inspiration for the song, which was taken from Glynn Washington’s Snap Judgement. Overall, the track explores the idea of whether or not we really know the ones we love.

M’GOO have an entirely unique composing method whereby vocalist and composer Mike Meighu finds inspiring true stories, poetry and philosophical material to influence him. He then scores the music and strips everything back, except from the basic musical structures. The band then re-writes the music from a fresh perspective, exploring a the depths of feeling within their music. The unique writing and recording process gives M’GOO an improvisational live style, with strong elements of jazz, rock and pop.



‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’ – The best Burt Bacharach tribute album

Massimo Colombo has formed an entirely unique Burt Bacharach tribute album with the help of Peter Erskine, Darek Oles, Bob Mintzer, Michael Stever and Kathleen Grace. The talented European jazz pianist collaborated with such a range of musicians to create a blend of genres such as jazz, swing and funk to form a refined, elegant album.

‘We all love Burt Bacharach’ features 13 Bacharach classics and 5 instrumentals that explore the several moods of Bacharach songs. The producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti took inspiration from the likes of Chet Baker and Michael Buble, giving the album a smooth jazz sounds but still having strong elements of pop, funk and folk.

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‘Love Never Felt So Good’ by Omar Kamal


Palestine born and bred, Omar Kamal, is a multifaceted and multi-talented musician winning hearts with his easy listening single, ‘Love Never Felt So Good’.

The singer and piano player is inspired by all walks of music including Frank Sinatra, the Arabic great, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, and even contemporary acts like The Weeknd. However, Michael Jackson fans will know the inspiration for ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ comes from the King of Pop himself.

Kamal’s track may be a cover, but he has expertly reworked the Michael Jackson classic as though  it was written for a smooth jazz audience. The slowed down tempo increases the emotion and depth of the lyrics as Omar lingers enticingly on the end of each line.

Relaxes listening doesn’t come much better than ‘Love Never Felt So Good’. It feels at home during a classy evening dinner or cocktail party, but equally takes all the chaos away on a stress-inducing train commute back home. It is easy to see why Omar Kamal’s music appeals to so many different audiences. He has even been referred to as the ‘Palestinian Michael Bublé’.

Omar’s soft and calming vocals at the beginning of the track lend themselves perfectly to the lyrics and subtext of the song, but Kamal really lets his voice roar during the final chorus displaying his extensive vocal capabilities, only adding to his supreme charm and allure.

Omar caught the eye of Sony music middle after arranging a local concert which led to him signing with the company in 2014; you should certainly be keeping your eye on Omar Kamal

‘Love Never Felt So Good’ will be released October 21st.

For lovers of: Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jr., Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones

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‘Shake It’ With Yo Over Their New Single!

Post-punk indie single set to hit on June 15th

Living in New Orleans the well known birthplace of soul and jazz – Yo are a rock band not afraid to go against the grain. After travelling the globe and making homes in various corners of the USA and Europe, the music and song writing draws upon a wealth of inspirations and tales from the road.

The single is taken from the album ‘Vagrancy’, an LP which shows perfectly the versatile nature of Yo’s songwriting. Songs such as ‘Shake It’ are written mainly for the high energy of live performance, but other tracks on the album suit different environments. Whether chilling out at a festival, going for it on a club dancefloor, jumping around at a live gig or relaxing in a local pub, there will be a song on this album which fits perfectly to every situation.

You can hear the track here:

Watch the video here:

Single ‘Shake It’ will be available from June 15th.


Toyface ready for new album: ‘Follow the Rules of the Trainwreck’


Having been described by a fellow artist as ‘like Laura Marling crossed with Billie Holiday’, Bristol based duo Tamsyn and James, aka Toyface, are a mouth watering proposition for music fans. With a varied collection of 11 songs making up their debut album, the pair have blended an eclectic range of influences that has resulted in an album with strong jazz and cinematic leanings; both playful and plaintive.

The pair’s songwriting process is varied: sometimes involving Tamsyn writing lyrics alongside her own simple structures on guitar; but often times working from a cappellas, which James then lays piano chords underneath. This is clearly a combination that works well and has yielded a crop of songs which are relatable to anybody who has ever found themselves working hard to find a place in the world – a situation most, if not all of us, know well.

In Tamsyn’s own words, the album ‘charts a process of experiencing, coping with, and the eventual resolution of, existential angst that I went through in my early 20s’; by way of heartbreak, physical insecurity and complex family ties’. And it’s from this well of shared stories where Toyface’s main strength lies – their ability to write with searing honesty about the common human experience, and lay those tales out across an intense, shifting musical backdrop.

For an example check out the lead album track ‘Flight’:

The album is set to be exclusively launched in the duo’s home town of Bristol on April 24th, with the album to follow shortly after. The release marks the culmination of a journey that started with a chance meeting on the way back from the Secret Garden Party festival a number of years ago.

The only two people from the group headed to Bristol were Tamsyn and James, whose chance meeting has led to a sibling-like closeness, the formation of Toyface and the debut album ‘Follow the Rules of the Trainwreck’.

The sweet story of serendipity was rounded off at last year’s Secret Garden Party, where – having written to the organisers to tell the tale of how they met – Toyface were able to wow the crowds with their own festival slot.

With a new festival season on the horizon, there will be plenty more chances to see Toyface in the very near future, starting with that album launch gig on April 24th.