The Sheratons and a Brief History of Female Drummers

Once upon a long ago, as Paul McCartney once said, there was a band called The Honeycombs. Part of the early 60s wave of British beat pop groups, they were most famous for their single, “Have I the Right?”, though at the time, the thing most likely to turn heads was the fact that their drummer was a woman – Honey Lantree. What has this to do with West Yorkshire beat combo, The Sheratons? Well, The Honeycombs were originally called, yes, The Sheratons. Also, their drummer is female – Emma Liu. The Sheratons new single certainly harks back to an earlier era, in all the good ways, we hasten to add – fresh, immediate, catchy and, odd though it may seem to say, unashamedly poppy. It’s worthy of a quick sprint through some other notable female trap hitters.

Karen Carpenter. Pop royalty, yes, but also a damn fine drummer. There’s nothing easy about singing and drumming at the same time – we can barely eat dinner and watch the telly at the same time.

Mo Tucker. The concrete that held together the wayward spirits of The Velvet Underground. You wouldn’t argue with her

Janet Weiss. Sleater-Kinney’s secret weapon. You don’t know Sleater-Kinney? You have homework to do!

Georgia Hubley. Wife of guitarist, Ira, Georgia plays in long-in-the-tooth indie mainstays, Yo La Tengo. Few are indier…

…although Tobi Vail is. The original Riot Grrl (she even coined the spelling), she is most famous as drummer for Bikini Kill, dating Kurt Cobain and claiming her “smelled like teen spirit”. We know how that ends.

Sandy West. Perhaps, technically, the greatest female drummer of them all. Drummer with the ultimate girl band, The Runaways, she sadly died from cancer in 2006.



No Use Crying Over Pink Milk!

Pink Milk’s debut album, Purple, is three years of hard labour which has already seen reviews from Kerrang, BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and Virgin Radio. Their sound is a lurching cosmic beast firing off solar flares from all angles, attempting to fill every available space with their elephantine, reverb-laden sound.

Listen to the album here:

Comprising of Maria Forslund (vocals, drums) and Edward Forslund (guitars, bass), Pink Milk first announced themselves with a cover version of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love is”, a chilling, cavernous interpretation which saw it described as “hauntingly beautiful” and “fascinating and shimmering”. Their uncompromising approach to recording has drawn parallels to The Cranes and Cocteau Twins, though although these hint at their sound, neither having the sheer vastness and malevolent undercurrent running through them so fervently.

Watch their brooding video to I Want to Know What Love Is here:


Tiffani Juno

The London based electro- soul singer and songwriter Tiffani Juno is back with her EP  ‘Go Hard’ that reflects on her years maturing and battling depression.

Her newest song ‘Thinking About It’  showcases her soft and clear voice supported by a mix of reggae, dub(step), jungle and dnb which Juno has made her own genre.

In the past, Juno has won the Sony/ATV’s song writing competition during her college years which has led to collaborations with artists such as Shy FX, Jakwob and even singing background vocals for Iggy Azalea’s album.

Now Juno is back after deciding to take a break and has created an EP that encapsulates her feelings of insomnia, fear of failure and her desire to succeed.

And so far she has not just created a unique sound but also something that appeals to mainstream as well as to underground circles.

Find about more about Tiffani Juno here :



Luna Blue and their new alternative rock EP, ‘Nightjar’

Luna Blue, the fabulous alternative rock band, starring members Tom High on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ryan Wellman on lead guitar, Seb Bowen on the drums, and Nick Davie on bass and vocals, is getting ready to release their new EP, ‘Nightjar’ on the 25th of August, a year since their demo EP.

Band photo

Luna Blue started composing music in Chichester in 2015, but are now firmly found in Brighton, recording and releasing their new EP, featuring 6 new and exciting tracks, influenced by some of their favourite artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foals, Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix and plenty more, helping to make their totally and superbly unique rock music.

Luna Blue’s music is a journey of extraordinary guitar solos, rich beats and incredible vocal melodies, not to mention the build-up of immense textures created in these funk infused ambient rock songs. Their popular gigs and live festival performances always portray the band in the best light, enhancing the amazing musical vibes created, which completely complements their insane talent and tracks.

Their songs are all so unique and thrilling, creating, with ease, memorable atmospheres, and catchy tunes that will definitely put a smile on your face, so make sure you grab tickets to their next gig, and pre-order their new EP, ‘Nightjar’.


To check out Luna Blue and to pre-order their wonderful new EP, ‘Nightjar’, click the links down below…

YouTube –

Pluto Jonze

The world was shaken in 2016 by David Bowie’s death. So was the Australian psycho- pop artist Pluto Jonze but he decided to channel his emotions into his single “Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie” to pay homage.

With fun laden guitars and a dynamic beat supported by Pluto Jonze rock-tingled vocals, you will be taken into a whole new world. The video draws upon David Bowie’s video “Let’s Dance” and truly captures his spirit. Jonze is a truly unique master mind with thought provoking lyrics and a beat like no other and creates just the right amount of strange that got him where he is today.

If you like Pluto Jonze come see him in the UK this month on the following dates below:


Sun 6 Aug – The Islington, London

Tue 8 Aug – The Islington, London

Wed 23 Aug – The Portland Arms, Cambridge


Find out more about Pluto Jonze:



J.J Leone

Hard Work. Patience. Determination.

J.J Leone

This is what got J.J Leone to where he is right now.

Growing up in Norwich and coming from a traveling showground family background J.J Leone has always felt like an outsider especially because his hometown didn’t share his love and passion for music.

Then through unfortunate circumstances, he became homeless. For survival, he started busking on the streets of Northhampton from morning to night.

Today he has created a new life for himself and his own band of soul-fusion releasing his newest single “With You”. Expect a vibrant acoustic sound combined with a soft romantic voice from no other than J.J Leone.

This is the kind of sound you want to fall asleep to or spend the evening with your other half or- with a glass of wine


Find out more about J.J Leone.




Bimbi Philips

Business in the front, party in the back – African born Bimbi is living THE double life.


The London based afro beats artist knows how to get down to any business. On a daily basis, he transforms from your average IT business consultant to a vibrant afro beats artist. His style combines a variety of genres such as EDM, house, Rnb and much more with afro beats as a basis. The usage of African-Fuji instrumentation mixed with contemporary western sound creates a fun dance tune that will guarantee put a smile on your face.


His newest hit “Lamba” is the living proof. Watch the charming Bimbi pursue his mystery lady with the support of his sexy afro beat dancers. His goal to entertain the audience is a 100% achieved and spoiler alert – this tune will get stuck in your head for a while.

Check out his new video here.


If you like to dance and brighten your day find out more about Bimbi.