Review: The Senti-Mentals’ ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’

The Senti-Mentals is the musical incarnation of Paul Eccentric, formerly of The Odd Eccentric and The Antipoet, and John Dobinson who have come together to form a doo-wop/ rock’n’roll inspired duo.

Their latest track ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’ is an alternative take on the Christmas song, throwing in a bit of comedy all for good measure.

The humorous track mixed by Pete Hammond was originally about the ridiculousness of the ‘chatting up’ process but the duo soon realised it fitted perfectly with the environment of the office Christmas party.

One thing that can certainly be said is that there are no Christmas songs quite like ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’. There is a definite 50’s vibe stemming from the doo-wop and rock’n’roll influences but at the same time, there is a bouncy, almost ska-esque quality to the track as well. As a result, the song would be a perfect get-up-and-dance number for the Christmas party once everyone’s had a few drinks.

Eccentric’s vocals are pure and crooning, typical of the 50s influence and befitting of the song’s cheeky, in your face style.

Along with the track is a hilarious animated video that follows the exploits of that one guy from the office who tries to pull anything with a pulse at the Christmas party. The duo describe it as that ‘guy from accounts who assumes that every lady in the office wants to go home with him but he couldn’t be further from the truth’.

The combination of the comedic video and the unique 50s style of the track make for a truly original perspective on the Christmas period that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.