Celebration of Life brings UK’s Top Reggae and Jungle Stars Together

One area of music that the UK can be particularly proud of is the reggae and jungle community. Tight-knit, hard-working and innovative, artists have inspired new artists from the artform’s beginnings through to today. Perhaps then, it’s no surprise that when word reached some of the biggest stars on the scene, they didn’t hesitate to become involved in a charity which has helped countless families through the darkest of times.

The particular case was that of a young boy called Jaden who is suffering with an incurable brain disease. Despite all expectations from the medical world, he recently celebrated his 11th birthday with the help of the Demelza Hospice and some of the top names in reggae and drum and bass. Names involved in the Celebration of Life project include:

Demolition Man

Jr. Dangerous


Tippa Irie

General Levy

Alaska MC

Cowboy Ranger


Even more impressively, there is no hint of ego on the track, with their respective skills equally shared (although some can claim to have better football skills on the accompanying video!).  On 22nd December, the Celebration of Life guys will be uniting for a live appearance at London’s legendary Ministry of Sound, where they will headline Jungle Fever and be joined by yet more stars from the scene: Sweetie Irie; Ragga Twins; Joseph Lalibela & Johnny Dolla to perform the single’s flipside, produced by FLeCK

Behind the scenes at the video shoot:

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