Julia Mascetti plays harp like you’ve never heard

Julia Mascetti has something really special, a encapsulating voice that makes you’re hanging on every word mixed with soft strings and her incredible harp playing. Her new EP ‘In Distance, Everything is Poetry’ is a delight.

Her new single In Bloom (which is set for video release on 27th Octorber) is a fantastically beautiful peace of stripped back wonder. Like you’re floating through a dream carried by her voice.

Julia’s EP ‘In Distance, Everything is Poetry’ is released on the 10th November. Watch a few of her videos below to build up your excitement!


Souli Roots- World Peace Expression

After the success of her This is the Place drum and bass track, released on her own label in 2016, Souli now presents World Peace Expression.

The track is a hugely stirring and emotive call to arms aimed at all nations around the world. Featuring ethic percussive sounds, atmospheric electronic swirls of textured background and Souli’s powerful vocals, there are echoes of Miriam Makeba’s indigenous African delivery as well as the more mainstream sound of Bob Marley and the Wailers political statement songs.

Listen to World Peace Expression here: https://soundcloud.com/souliroots/world-peace-expression-available-now

No Use Crying Over Pink Milk!

Pink Milk’s debut album, Purple, is three years of hard labour which has already seen reviews from Kerrang, BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and Virgin Radio. Their sound is a lurching cosmic beast firing off solar flares from all angles, attempting to fill every available space with their elephantine, reverb-laden sound.

Listen to the album here:


Comprising of Maria Forslund (vocals, drums) and Edward Forslund (guitars, bass), Pink Milk first announced themselves with a cover version of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love is”, a chilling, cavernous interpretation which saw it described as “hauntingly beautiful” and “fascinating and shimmering”. Their uncompromising approach to recording has drawn parallels to The Cranes and Cocteau Twins, though although these hint at their sound, neither having the sheer vastness and malevolent undercurrent running through them so fervently.

Watch their brooding video to I Want to Know What Love Is here: 



Antonio Domingos – From Concert Halls to Social Media Sensation

Not so long ago, Antonio Domingos, an American pianist living in Portugal, was living a relatively unremarkable life as a concert pianist. Having endured ten years in drug-riddled corners of Moscow as he studied at one of Russia’s top conservatories,  his career was fairly straight forward – sit at the piano; play what you’re told; bow at the end. However, after finding that the working relationship with his employers was proving impossible, Antonio was essentially blacklisted by orchestras and competition judges across the country, his uncompromising playing style being pretty much the opposite of what ‘the system’ wanted.

Realising that his best chance to get out of the situation was to prove his worth demonstrably, he set out to unequivocally prove he was more skilled than his contemporaries – he would become the fastest piano player alive. Well, sort of.

Antonio officially has the fastest fingers in the business, after smashing the record for the most piano key hits in one minute. The footage has been viewed on YouTube nearly half a million times, the figure even more monstrous on Facebook.

The pianist played the key B7 a staggering 824 times in 60 seconds – that’s more than 13 hits a second! Antonio bettered the previous record by 59 hits, potentially because his technique involved using two alternate fingers and he spent about four months training for the challenge.

He played on an unmodified Yamaha CFX concert grand piano in a music store in Lisbon, Portugal.

“I am I Portuguese-American professional pianist and have been playing since the age of seven,” Antonio told Guinness World Records in his application for the title.

“I broke this record in order to gain visibility in the international world of music by demonstrating my athletic prowess on the piano” he added.

Modiwo’s Guide to Happifying Your Brain

Has there been a feel-good song in recent times that has actually made you feel good? As in, actually uplift you rather than qualifying solely through not driving you to the brink? Enter Modiwo, a many-armed collective fronted by the hugely endearing Oxana Gherghel, who has a voice to turn your blood to squidgy jelly. Their single, Never Give Up, is the sound of summer, if summer hadn’t been a lousy write-off weather-wise; it’s music to kick off your shoes and gently prod your blisters to; it’s music that is unashamedly pop, in every good sense.

Featuring an equally lovely video, it’s already attracting attention from both print press and radio. Say you liked them first and impress all your friends.

Roger Rudenstein’s ‘Ulysses’ is setting sail for European shores.

James Joyce’sUlysses‘ is being turned into Opus, by American composer Roger Rudenstein, who had presented this piece to a US audience, making a name for himself, and gaining recognition from the New York Times, and gaining over 100,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Roger is now planning to greet European audiences with this incarnation of James Joyce’sUlysses‘. Translating a 732 page literary epic into a two and a half hour opera, Roger has composed the score to fit around leitmotifs, which represent characters speech and emotion, and had used James’s actual words instead of his actual interpretation. 

He has gained help from Boston based singers and musicians, to help him bring his Opera to European stages, which will be a guaranteed favourite for fans of composers such as Schubert, Stravinsky, Beethoven and Richard Strauss. 


SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/rudenste/tracks
YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/rudenste
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Roger-Rudenstein-754779384708156
Website- https://www.rogerrudensteinmusic.com/


Tiffani Juno

The London based electro- soul singer and songwriter Tiffani Juno is back with her EP  ‘Go Hard’ that reflects on her years maturing and battling depression.

Her newest song ‘Thinking About It’  showcases her soft and clear voice supported by a mix of reggae, dub(step), jungle and dnb which Juno has made her own genre.

In the past, Juno has won the Sony/ATV’s song writing competition during her college years which has led to collaborations with artists such as Shy FX, Jakwob and even singing background vocals for Iggy Azalea’s album.

Now Juno is back after deciding to take a break and has created an EP that encapsulates her feelings of insomnia, fear of failure and her desire to succeed.

And so far she has not just created a unique sound but also something that appeals to mainstream as well as to underground circles.

Find about more about Tiffani Juno here :