The Senti-Mentals release new Christmas track ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’!

Paul Eccentric and John Dobinson have come together to form The Senti-Mentals – a ‘punk poet meets 50s doo-wop’ duo. Their new release is a seasonal tune in the tradition of Slade, Mud, Shaky and Wizzard. Escaping the classic Christmas cliché,  ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’  focuses on the more humorous elements of the Christmas party season…

The single is accompanied by a brilliant animated video mocking the anti-hero in his attempt to pull anything with a pulse. Eccentric and Dobinson explain that the single follows “that one guy from accounts who assumes that every lady in the office wants to go home with him but he couldn’t be further from the truth.” The humorous track mixed by Pete Hammond was originally about the ridiculousness of the ‘chatting up’ process but soon became the perfect Christmas party classic.


Line Mari’s Debut Album- ’21 Days’

Norwegian indie-pop princess Line Mari is releasing her debut album ’21 Days’ following the success of her singles, ‘Crush’ and ‘Haters’.

The shy, but supremely talented singer-songwriter was spotted by master producer Rob Cass who saw Line’s potential, so he invited her down to the renowned Abbey Road Studios where she has recorded her first full length record.

Line Mari always had her heart set on being a musician from birth, dancing in the womb as her mother explains. By the time she was in her teens Line Mari was writing her own songs and performing. Her shyness has fuelled her songwriting, making her lyrics more personal, emotive and introspective at the same time.

The album cover itself is really special – exclusively for the first edition, a small amount of real gold has been pressed into the ‘21 Days’ logo. The portrait of Line Mari on the cover is the work of upcoming German artist, Pixie Cold, who wanted to be involved simply because she loved the music. On the reverse side of the CD she has painted Line’s guitar – a special Gibson Custom Shop ES-339, named Mari.

The album is set for release on 16th December.

You can listen to Line Mari’s album here:



DISCOVER: Stan Gemes

a2260593128_10Call of Ancient Love is the brand new album from Russian multi-lingual spiritualist and musician Stan Gemes.  Its limited edition physical copy sees the artist offering more than simply a sonic experience – also incorporating elements of touch, feel and taste to bring an inventive multi-sensory experience.


The album is packaged into five compartments, each compartment loaded with goodies relating to one of five elements: fire, water, earth, air and space.


The elements reflect the artist’s own worldly outlook, having journeyed all around the globe, soaking up spiritual experiences along the way.


The elements also reflect the worldly themes of the music, which sees Stan blending rock with traditional and tribal sounds from around the globe including Asian flutes, African percussion, Indian choirs and Hispanic guitars.


Contents of the album include a bracelet, fruit bar, stickers and a collage of photos collected of people from all around the world – all helping to represent Stan’s journey.


Whilst best enjoyed in its physical form, Call of the Ancient Love can also be streamed on Bandcamp.


Listen here:

Daisy Hicks – Christmas Without You


Christmas Without You– written by Daisy and produced by Tim Laws, Pete Craigie and Chris Harvey. Not only is “Christmas Without You a well-crafted song that will be played for years to come, 10% of the digital sales this year will be donated to BBC’s Children In Need.

Daisy’s crystal-clear vocals that soar above the music have been played almost everywhere you can think of, including thousands of shops, bars and airlines around the globe and her track So Much More Than Love featured on the hit US TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Daisy’s new laid back jazzy style was recorded on Elton John’s old piano from his house in Beverly Hills that now resides in Curtis Schwartz’ Berry House Studios (Stacey Kent). Having lost her dad 10 years ago to lung cancer, Hicks found the recording process particularly emotional as her father had recorded at Berry House Studios on many occasions.

‘Noel Nouvelet’- Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla


I can guarantee that you’ll never have heard quite such a multi-ethnically influenced song as Joe O’Donnell’s version of the french Christmas carol, ‘Noel Nouvelet’. It truly is a cultural mixing pot of a track that picks and chooses musical sounds from all over the world and blends them together in expert fashion.

The intro to the song has a very middle eastern feel combined with more Indo-Asian sounding vocals, whilst we are reminded that ‘Noel Nouvelet’ is indeed a Christmas song with the more traditional bells hiding subtly in the background.

‘Noel Nouvelet’ is certainly a unique take on a Christmas carol, straying from the typical festive sound that most people are accustomed to. As a result, it is clear to see that Joe O’Donnell is a pioneer of world music, constantly pushing boundaries with his experimental blending of genres and musical locations.

You may have heard the name Joe O’Donnell before as he is famed for his 1977 violin led concept album, Gaodhal’s Vision, which featured talented guitarist, Rory Gallagher.

The ‘Shkayla’ part of the name is Gaelic for ‘stories’ and you really get the feeling whilst listening to Joe’s work that there is much more to it than just an aesthetically pleasing piece of music; even though it is a Christmas carol, you can sense the story telling behind it.

‘Noel Nouvelet’ might not be your typical everyday listening, but it is sure to turn heads at your next Christmas party!

For more on Joe O’Donnell check out these links:


Track Review: ‘Alitheia’ by Nasa Woods

If you are yet to hear the name Nasa Woods, then you’ll be sure to in the near future. After a number of other musical projects collapsed, Nasa has pursued his solo career with the determination that is sure to find him the success his music merits.

With an intriguing and cryptic title, Nasa has revealed that ‘Alitheia, means truth in greek. We always tend to speak the truth when we’re intoxicated so the song represents a moment of struggle between holding back and being honest with someone you love.

Whilst Nasa has an urban tone to his voice that fits in perfectly with the current state of chart-topping popular music all over the world, there is much more to his music that sets him apart from the crowd.

The distorted, yet subtle pulse of the electric guitar underneath Nasa’s vocals at the beginning of the track is just one unique element boasted by ‘Alitheia’ which demonstrates his experimental outlook within his genre.

The lyrics are honest and original (refreshing for a pop song these days), as you might expect for a track entitled ‘truth’. They recall memories of the night before and what might have been said, as well as the problems that are so often encountered when under the influence.

Nasa has been compared to the likes of Zayn Malik, Usher and Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber fans should make sure they check out Nasa’s cover of ‘Sorry’ over on his Soundcloud.

Overall, ‘Alitheia’ displays a promising and experimental debut from the London based artist that is bound to set him on the path to superstardom.

‘Alitheia’ is out for release 21st October.

For more on Nasa Woods, here are the links:




Liam Browne & The Love release bouncy indie anthem ‘Baby Grow’


‘Liam is a born front man who always looks like he’s playing to a stadium – Rowetta of the Happy Mondays

Stream ‘Baby Grow’ on Soundcloud here: 


Straight off their upcoming album Forget & Remember, their brand new single ‘Baby Grow’ is an upbeat and bouncy indie rock anthem that provides a small taster of the band’s large sonic scope. A music video is set to drop soon.

Delivered with a raw and untamed Mancunian attitude, the album Forget & Remember is a crazy cocktail of lad rock, hip hop, folk and electronica all recorded in guitarist James Fraser’s garage (later mixed at Noise Boy Studios). Rowetta of the legendary Happy Mondays appears on two of the record’s tracks.

Watch music video for ‘Confused’ (ft. Rowetta of The Happy Mondays) here: 


The group have an unusual origin story – frontman Liam was in the Amazon and a Shaman convinced him to sing for the first time initiating his aspirations as a vocalist and a songwriter. He met fellow member James at a Shamanic workshop the following year and from that point on they started making music together.


On top of his work as a musician, Liam Browne has starred in a number of cult movies including acclaimed raunchy Brit flick brilliantlove. He is close to Stereophonics lead singer Kelly Jones after taking the lead role in his music videos for ‘Violins and Tambourines’ and ‘In the Moment’.


I naively feel like Scorsese finding his De Niro

– Kelly Jones of Stereophonics, whilst directing Liam Browne in one of his music videos

Soul Sensation Unique Hastings wants you to ‘Skip The Talking’

Processed with Rookie

Processed with Rookie


A singer, rapper, songwriter and producer, Unique Hastings is a multi-talented artist with music in his veins. His father owned a recording studio and his mother taught him to sing. On top of this, both his grandparents were musicians.

All this spurred him to follow his passions as a musician. He has since been involved in a number of exciting projects, producing music for a Virgin Media digital campaign as well as collaborating with Chris Brown for a remix of the r&b artist’s single ‘Run it’. His touring meanwhile has taking him all over the world, playing acclaimed venues such as the O2 Arena in London and Apollo Theater in New York, supporting names as big as Ludacris and De La Soul.

On top of his musical endeavours, the singer has also co-starred in an award-winning short film titled ‘Shantell Town’, the soundtrack of which he also co-produced.


Unique has another exciting single on the way titled ‘Gimme All Ur Luvin’, plus a full-length album titled The Heart of A Dreamer set to drop in 2017.


‘Skip the Talking’ is out 30th September

UK party rap sensation J Keys drops massive dance anthem ‘Beautiful Creatures – The Remix’

Following the recent success of ‘Wreckless’ and ‘Wreckless – The Remix’, Essex-born Bournemouth-based rapper J Keys is back with a brand new explosive single ‘Beautiful Creatures – The Remix’.

The track sees J Keys dropping some playful bars over a flashy beat made up of jungle breaks and horns. It’s a track certain to get the party started, taking a more radio-friendly angle than his previous material but still sounding just as vibrant and fun!

J has previously worked with artists such as K Koke and Little Mix vocalist Megan Cotton. He also has experience as an actor and has appeared in Eastenders, The Bill and a number of short films.

On top of music, J Keys is also heavily involved with personal training and kickboxing: ‘If I’m not at the studio, I’m at the gym!

Beautiful Creatures is out on iTunes September 19th


Facebook :




The Liverpool based and appropriately named ‘Sneaky Nixons’


The band describes themselves as an angry, semi political, semi religious, part feminist, sloppy activist group who play riots, steam train guitar music. The have declared war on electronic dance music, guns and non believers of their rock-n-roll escapade. Flashy, Blase and with a startling superiority complex the band have no time for humdrum normality, preferring the out of control, dangerous and volatile and fast paced lifestyle of living in a brutal riotous and rock-n-roll fashion.

Similar to the infamous Rolling Stones, Blur, Oasis and Elvis Presley the band arent short of musical influences to be the next huge rock sensation. Having already toured Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Rotterdam the band are beginning to leave their mark globally.

Though the band use fairly little equipment they use intelligence, control and arrangement to created and incredible live performance. Uniquely using slide guitar, a megaphone, whammy bar and of course lighter fluid to set their guitars on fire!


Soundcloud –

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