The Sheratons and a Brief History of Female Drummers

Once upon a long ago, as Paul McCartney once said, there was a band called The Honeycombs. Part of the early 60s wave of British beat pop groups, they were most famous for their single, “Have I the Right?”, though at the time, the thing most likely to turn heads was the fact that their drummer was a woman – Honey Lantree. What has this to do with West Yorkshire beat combo, The Sheratons? Well, The Honeycombs were originally called, yes, The Sheratons. Also, their drummer is female – Emma Liu. The Sheratons new single certainly harks back to an earlier era, in all the good ways, we hasten to add – fresh, immediate, catchy and, odd though it may seem to say, unashamedly poppy. It’s worthy of a quick sprint through some other notable female trap hitters.

Karen Carpenter. Pop royalty, yes, but also a damn fine drummer. There’s nothing easy about singing and drumming at the same time – we can barely eat dinner and watch the telly at the same time.

Mo Tucker. The concrete that held together the wayward spirits of The Velvet Underground. You wouldn’t argue with her

Janet Weiss. Sleater-Kinney’s secret weapon. You don’t know Sleater-Kinney? You have homework to do!

Georgia Hubley. Wife of guitarist, Ira, Georgia plays in long-in-the-tooth indie mainstays, Yo La Tengo. Few are indier…

…although Tobi Vail is. The original Riot Grrl (she even coined the spelling), she is most famous as drummer for Bikini Kill, dating Kurt Cobain and claiming her “smelled like teen spirit”. We know how that ends.

Sandy West. Perhaps, technically, the greatest female drummer of them all. Drummer with the ultimate girl band, The Runaways, she sadly died from cancer in 2006.



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