Bimbi Philips

Business in the front, party in the back – African born Bimbi is living THE double life.


The London based afro beats artist knows how to get down to any business. On a daily basis, he transforms from your average IT business consultant to a vibrant afro beats artist. His style combines a variety of genres such as EDM, house, Rnb and much more with afro beats as a basis. The usage of African-Fuji instrumentation mixed with contemporary western sound creates a fun dance tune that will guarantee put a smile on your face.


His newest hit “Lamba” is the living proof. Watch the charming Bimbi pursue his mystery lady with the support of his sexy afro beat dancers. His goal to entertain the audience is a 100% achieved and spoiler alert – this tune will get stuck in your head for a while.

Check out his new video here.


If you like to dance and brighten your day find out more about Bimbi.



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