I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say – “I’m Leaving”- M’GOO

Although, ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say – “I’m Leaving”‘ is a pretty sad song, M’GOO’s beautiful jazz infused pop converts such a sorry subject into a beautiful piece of music craftsmanship.

The story of a woman suddenly abandoning her lover shortly before they are supposed to be married formed the inspiration for the song, which was taken from Glynn Washington’s Snap Judgement. Overall, the track explores the idea of whether or not we really know the ones we love.

M’GOO have an entirely unique composing method whereby vocalist and composer Mike Meighu finds inspiring true stories, poetry and philosophical material to influence him. He then scores the music and strips everything back, except from the basic musical structures. The band then re-writes the music from a fresh perspective, exploring a the depths of feeling within their music. The unique writing and recording process gives M’GOO an improvisational live style, with strong elements of jazz, rock and pop.







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