Father John Misty releases single ‘Holy Hell’ as a reaction to the American election

After Trump was elected, American singer-songwriter Father John Misty released a number of political statements portraying his frustration and disagreement. However this is the first we have heard from the former Fleet Foxes member since his single release ‘Real Love Baby’ in July.

The politically charged ‘Holy Hell’ explores the singer’s emotions and thoughts on the American election but being piano led gives the track a mellow feel. The mysterious singer disappeared of the face of the earth earlier this year when all forms of his social media were activated. There’s no confirmation whether Misty deleted the accounts himself but now he is back more than ever, posting political content constantly.

Read his latest political ranter here:

There’s no information as to whether Father John Misty will be releasing more music but the occasional surprise tracks are just as good, feeding the fans’ addiction.

Listen to ‘Holy Hell’ here:

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