Italian beauty ‘Music For Radura’

The music on the EP was designed to be translated for use in the sound installation. Through rounded synths and repetitive loops, the composition is intended to evoke a spiritual spark in the listener, drawing on the fundamental idea that music is ‘moving air’.

Stream the EP here: 

Making up the project are four members: Ferdinando Arnò; piano and electronics, Melanie Biasio; vocals, Marco Decimo; cello, and Giorgio Cocilovo; moog guitar.

Ferdinando Arno, The brainchild behind Music for Radura, attended Berklee College of Music where he attained a degree in jazz improvisation. He has since composed many scores for TV and cinema including La Prima Cosa Bella that was nominated an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. On top of this, he is the forming member of award-winning indie band, Common Mama, as well as being founder and CEO of his own music consultancy and production company, Quiet Please!.

Other members of the band share equal acclaim – Belgian jazz vocalist Melanie Biasio was nominated for Django d’Or award in 2006, whilst Marco Decimo and Giorgio Cocilovo are both critically acclaimed.



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