Skinn Is Set To Release Breathtaking LP ‘Rêves’

So far, Skinn has released 2 singles off the upcoming project via his Soundcloud:

and was premiered on Beat FM, a radio station in Nigeria, as well as some other stations.

Also on the album is the track ‘Enemies’, a record that draws a lot upon Skinn’s social views and underground politics.

The artist explains: “My LP was hugely influenced by my emotions at the time. While I was recording the album I had a lot of high and low points. My mood was really about the place I was in. Eventually, I found my rhythm and found the strength to show my creative side.” To Skinn, recording ‘Rêves’ turned out to be a unique learning curve. The method he applied for recording was ultimately a mirror to him that reflected his life in general: “It made me find the balance as a human and as a creative. Allowing me to experiment with sounds in more than one way really showed me that there is an alternative in life. I dislike the notion that there can only be one way to achieve a goal & I am the type to constantly look for the odd way out. “

Nigerian Afrobeat singer songwriter Skinn is releasing debut LP ‘Rêves’ on March 25th.




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