Bleach Blood Release New EP ‘Don’t Dive Without Me’ – Available as a Free Download!

1. Darling, Don’t Dive Without Me
2. S.O.U.L
3. Anything. Anything (2014)
4. The Circle And The Square

Jump-around-your-garage stuff for (almost) grown-ups” – Clash

Meet Bleach Blood, the ambiguously exciting band heralding from London. With each exhilarating performance comes another rave review, with Rock Sound stating that “We may well be looking at another seminal UK band”.

Bleach Blood are made up of frontman Jamie Jazz (previously signed to Island Records under The King Blues), bassist Charlie Elliot, drummer Invisible Frank, tour guitarist and co-writer Paul Mullen and fiery vocalist Linda Harrison.

With their contagious combination of punk/electro/pop and success on their previous EP titled “The Young Heartbreakers Club” in 2012, it’s no wonder they’ve already gained support from BBC Radio 1, XFM and Kerrang! (just to name a few). They already have material for their debut album (due late 2014) in the works, and are about to start on their UK and European tour.

You can download their latest EP, “Darling Don’t Dive” as a free download from the band’s website and their Facebook page. Produced by Sam Eyes, this EP is an accomplished mix of thrillingly passionate melodies and spontaneous beats which will cause you to completely immerse yourself in the music and forget about everything else, if only for a moment.

Click Here for the Free Download!



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